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Subject:  2020 Big, Beautiful, Bright Orange Challenge

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St. Croix Growers

Greater Mpls/St. Paul Metro

Here's a bit of positive news. Long time SCGA member, former MN record holder, MN state fair winner, and all around generous grower Bill Foss has been working with the SCGA to launch the following program. Many thanks to Bill for getting this off the ground, not to mention his generosity with seeds and additional contributions. The 2020 Big, Beautiful, and Bright Orange Challenge is a monetary incentive structure designed to reward those who grow HD-award winning pumpkins around the globe.

All the details are captured in a blog post on the SCGA website. Hop on over to read more. Would love to have you participate and thank you for considering!


3/21/2020 11:21:26 AM


Oak Grove, Mn

I like it Joe..but all the qualifying seeds have the 1211 Ailts in them. That was really a beautiful pumpkin, but it was a calais. This contest fires me up. I can't win, because i won't plant a calais. I still have some 1109 seeds left (stillwater hd award many years ago) . I need to find the seed that has Haas glow of solid orange. +1000 pounds with that glow would be a great. SCGA cares about HD growing. Growing big is great...but growing pretty might be more satisfying.

3/21/2020 2:14:44 PM

G. Kins

Southwest WA

To each their own I dont like the bumpy look so I have gone away from the 1059 v/m. I suppose you wont change the rules... but it will be fun for those who can participate.

3/21/2020 5:35:46 PM


Nottingham, UK

My favorite pumpkin to come out the patch was bumpy and an absolute beauty. But it was a one of a kind I'll probably never reproduce.



Looking forward to planting the 1002 this year if I can still grow due to covid-19 restrictions.

3/26/2020 2:43:34 AM

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