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Subject:  Peter Glazebrook in news

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3/11/2020 7:36:39 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

This has been going for awhile. A few years back, my daughter texted me a picture of Peter with his onion. It was going around in her age group...be as happy as the onion man. I told her that was Peter, and I have exchanged emails with him. Her response..you didn't tell me you knew someone famous. I told Peter about this, and he told me he still gets random emails from kids that have seen it.

Peter is a very special grower. I am glad I have had the chance to converse with him. Someone, in the UK, please talk Peter into documenting what it takes to grow the giant root vegetables.

3/11/2020 8:11:54 PM

SaladDoug_UK (Rebel Rousers)

Hertfordshire, UK

Bob - you’ll find a few guides on the right hand side here:


Including Peter on carrots & potato. A few guides there on long roots and others such as parsnip too.

3/13/2020 3:16:15 PM

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