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Subject:  Message board notifications ?

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Antwerp, Belgium


Is it possible to get an e-mail when someone replies on a topic you started yourself or commented on? Most forums do(I realise this is a message board).

I sent a mail to Ken@bigpumkins.com earlier(because it was this e-mailaddress I found on the bottom of the page. Is this mailaddress still valid?

Thanks in advance for any reply!

3/6/2020 2:39:37 AM



that email address is good, ie it works for Ken

3/6/2020 6:13:51 AM

Mike F.

Hanson Ma

I think the answer to you question is no to being notified on an individual post. The rss button next to the diary’s and main message board. Will notify of new posts. I my be wrong but I think that’s how it works.

3/6/2020 12:40:21 PM


Antwerp, Belgium

@ Mike F.

Thanks for the tip, I'll try it!!

3/7/2020 4:17:46 PM


East Jordan, MI

you may or may not know.

On the homepage, at the bottom there is a What's new section where it shows you whats new since you last logged on as the default, and a place to select whats new since a certain date. It will list message boards with New comments and give you a link to that board, wher the new items are marked with a little new icon. If you visit the site often, it is easy to see only the new posts from one location.

3/8/2020 7:28:09 PM

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