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Subject:  anoka results

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im exhausted and will upload gpc results this week but here is what we had at anoka today....
reed thoma 1.962
chris brown 2.412
chris brown 2.780
todd norholm 2.806
chris brown 3.108
long gourd
chris brown tbd
chris brown 37
field pumpkin
chris brown 53
chris qualley 65
tony bolander? 232
bushel gourd
chris brown 45
AG youth
arabella bolander 485 dmg
josh phillips 475
alex bogie 637
nathan zachmaier 862 HD, people choice
shannon engel 1096
kent carrier 1126
adam johnson 1135
chris brown 1387
lorelee zywiec 1410
chris qualley 1437
legendary bill foss 1683!

my appreciation to all those that supported the event


10/6/2019 9:47:10 PM

Reed's Birds and Bees

Savage, MN

It was a fun event, good work Joe!

10/7/2019 5:58:05 AM

Anoka Halloween

Anoka, MN

Oh i see, i do all the work and joe gets all the credit! Lol!

10/7/2019 11:04:44 AM

Farmer Brown (Chris Brown)

Nowthen, Minnesota

Reed meant Chris ;-) lol

10/7/2019 12:48:24 PM

Engel's Great Pumpkins and Carvings

Menomonie, WI (mail@gr8pumpkin.net)

That Joe guy did an awesome job...if I have ever seen a job done well

10/7/2019 1:07:57 PM

SafeHouse Orange


Be careful when you type in Tomato results !!!

10/7/2019 2:22:44 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

Must have bee referring to Joe in the food truck..or maybe Joe in the Band, I didnt catch the name of the chainsaw carver or the hoist operator. I think excellent job done by many individuals. Fun event to watch, hopefullly next year i will have one to weigh.

10/7/2019 2:28:42 PM

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