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Subject:  Matt D

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Plattsburgh, NY

In Vermont you were chatting with a few of us and you mentioned needing a Daletas seed... which one was it?

10/4/2019 8:07:23 PM

Matt D.



It was a great time of pumpkin weighing and getting a chance to talk with some growers. At this time I am planning to rerun my trial from last year and I would like to use the same seeds again which were the 1989.5 dmg Daletas ’17 (F: 1756 Howell/Jolivette x M: 1625 Gantner). I would gladly send you a bubble for the seed and I can include some seeds from my pumpkins from this year (assuming my last pumpkin has seeds as it is still on the show tour). I did a 1989 x self and a 1989 x sib cross.

Thanks for reaching out.

-Matt D.

10/5/2019 2:20:38 PM


Plattsburgh, NY

Arg sorry man, I was thinking it was the 2018 1927.5... almost had ya!

10/5/2019 6:35:48 PM



Matt email me. Jason Terry

10/5/2019 8:47:07 PM

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