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Subject:  stats / measuring question

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G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

We can see the total 0TT stat but if a guy wants to know the biggest diameter or the tallest pumpkin those measurements are hidden in the sum... No way to find out the original 3 way measurement? Is that data collected... or does it get lost when the measurements are added up? Thanks...

10/4/2019 3:28:55 PM

Mike F.

Hanson Ma

If you email Ken D. He may be able to look that up for you. We give all three measurements to who ever is adding the info. It then calculates the OTT and that's the only number you see.

10/6/2019 7:33:31 AM

G. Kins

Pirates of the Pacific

I can ask our gpc guys jack and jim sometime when they are not busy...thanks

10/6/2019 2:47:47 PM

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