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Subject:  R.I.P. Randy Sundstrom

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mom2busy (Team Extreme)

It appears that Randy passed away also. May he rest in peace.

2/25/2013 7:39:44 PM

Dyberry Patch

Honesdale Pa USA

Wow, thats quite a coincidence. R.I.P Randy.

2/25/2013 7:58:34 PM



Rip Randy

2/25/2013 8:18:44 PM

Dyberry Patch

Honesdale Pa USA

Sounds like a sad situation all the way around.

2/25/2013 8:43:36 PM


South Hero, VT

This is really sad news. My sympathies and prayers to family and friends of the Sundstroms.

2/25/2013 8:56:56 PM

curtlave (team extreme)

Sourthern Utah

condolences and prayers to the family

2/25/2013 9:02:09 PM

Tom B


Very sad. Condolences to their family.

I found this link.


2/25/2013 9:06:46 PM

basebell6 (christy)

Massillon, Ohio

Definitely the most shocking news I've ever read on bp. Sitting here stunned right now. Sending prayers everyone involved with these losses.

2/25/2013 9:32:00 PM


Trumbull, CT 06611, USA

Unfortunately it appears he passed away a few years ago........wow

2/25/2013 9:40:59 PM


Trumbull, CT 06611, USA


2/25/2013 9:42:17 PM

Bohica (Tom)


This is almost surreal, I knew them both very well...at least I thought I did...
Wow...is about the only thing to say right now....

2/25/2013 9:54:15 PM



same here, wow....... so sad...

2/25/2013 10:50:35 PM


Paradise Mountain, New York

Totally shocked..... I know both of them and got to know them both at Cooperstown's and Oswego's weigh-offs over the years.I can't believe what I'm reading on the links above...... So very,very sad

2/25/2013 10:54:08 PM

Engel's Great Pumpkins and Carvings

Menomonie, WI (mail@gr8pumpkin.net)


2/25/2013 11:11:06 PM

Engel's Great Pumpkins and Carvings

Menomonie, WI (mail@gr8pumpkin.net)

OK something is really bothering me here. Randytcat has been in chat and answered questions on the board as recently as last year..

2/25/2013 11:20:49 PM

don young

dang sad news randy used to call me every fall but hasnt for 3-4 yrs
shannon randycat is differnt grower
i believe (nyrandy) was randy sundstrums handle

2/25/2013 11:40:51 PM


Frankfort Ohio

sad to here good people to

2/25/2013 11:45:57 PM

don young


2/25/2013 11:46:37 PM



Wow did you read that, man also found dead in home, he had been dead for two years.

2/26/2013 12:36:52 AM

Bohica (Tom)


Shannon, Randy and Randycat are two different Randys.

2/26/2013 12:56:26 AM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

Wow...police are looking for information concerning Randy and are asking for details for 2009 and 2010.



2/26/2013 1:58:00 AM


Rhode Island

just goes to show ya,anythings possible. who knows what chain of events lead to this sad ending?

2/26/2013 7:56:51 AM

George J

Roselle, IL GJGEM@sbcglobal.net

I met them both a few years back in Niagara. Just good fun people..Really bizarre to hear this. How could Randy be missing, and not be reported missing for almost three years?

2/26/2013 8:46:56 AM

Tom B


Is there anything we all should be doing to help in the investigation? I remember talking to them both in chat, but cant for the life of me remember any details. Does anyone know if the chatroom logs are saved? I am sure there is a plethora of info somewhere here on BP if anyone knows where to look.

2/26/2013 9:41:35 AM

Ken D.

Connecticut, USA

Chat logs are not saved indefinitely. However, I do have some old backups that might have chat data in them.

2/26/2013 10:05:39 AM

megakin(Team Illiana)

west central IN/East central IL

Don Young posted the message link that looks to be the last message he posted. Maybe a more in-depth search will find later post.

2/26/2013 10:21:59 AM

chad gilmore

Pemberton, BC

I live in a town about the same size, I know practically everyone...how does a guy go missing for a few years and it does not get noticed??

2/26/2013 11:22:13 AM

Tom B


Thanks Ken. I did not mean to imply that it was your job, but a reread is obvious that some of that stuff you would have to do.

I suggest everyone try and check their emails for correspondence and look for perhaps different grammar, etc. When was the last time anyone saw him or her in person, etc.

Not to pick sides or anything, I just feel like we should all do everything we can to give the family the best closure possible as soon as possible.

2/26/2013 11:36:04 AM

Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

There was a whole lot of stuff going on that led up to this tragedy.



2/26/2013 11:37:26 AM


canal winchester ohio


2/26/2013 12:16:02 PM

Spudley (Scott)


WOW! Sure makes ya wonder how much we really know about each other. May they all rest in peace.

2/26/2013 1:18:09 PM


bliss,n.y.- heart of Wyoming County

Such a tragedy.
I used to see them at weighoffs.
Every year- until about 3 years ago or so we sent each other Christmas Cards.
Wow- wonder if anyone will ever know what happened.
I hoped whatever torment that caused this has gone away.

2/26/2013 2:56:14 PM

Bob Attaway

Flowery Branch, Georgia

I met Randy and Deb several times and as most everyone
I am in a state of shock and disbelief. They were always the life of a gathering and seemed so happy with each other.

Do I remember correctly that Randy was the President of
a NY growers group?

Bob A.

2/26/2013 3:27:02 PM


(rocky) Bonney Lake Wa.

WOW!! I got to meet the both of them in Niagra and in 08 when I flew back to see the cooperstown weigh off. Soo Very sad.

2/26/2013 3:49:51 PM



Was Deb S. the grower with all the mousetraps around her pumpkin on the TV show that was filmed in NY state?

2/26/2013 5:08:55 PM

megakin(Team Illiana)

west central IN/East central IL


2/26/2013 5:10:55 PM




2/26/2013 5:30:49 PM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

That is pretty eerie Marley,

Watch the whole video, but look at 26:29 and it gets wierd.

2/26/2013 5:57:42 PM



Maybe there's info on those hidden camera's?

2/26/2013 6:12:01 PM

JABC2 (Jordan)

British Columbia, Canada


2/26/2013 7:12:18 PM


Cochecton, NY

I am just puzzled that nobody missed him at events and so forth for the last couple of years. Did they stop growing before this? Met them in 2009 at an event.

2/26/2013 9:29:38 PM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

I'm with Chad and Big24nut here...how could he have not had at least one good buddy that would have done more looking or asking questions?

He deserved way better than that...rest in peace Randy.

2/27/2013 11:45:53 AM

Josh Scherer

Piqua, Ohio

What about brothers,sisters,cousins? I don't hear from everyone in my family all the time, but it never goes three years.

2/27/2013 1:53:11 PM


Paradise Mountain, New York


2/27/2013 2:09:47 PM


Livingston Manor, NY

Hello everyone. My name is Melinda Sundstrom I am Randy Sundstrom's daughter. I really didn't know him and we weren't really apart of each others lives is why I didn't know he was missing. I just recently found out about everything last week when the investigators called me. But I am having a funeral for him in Livingston manor New York this Saturday march 2nd from 12 to 2 pm at Bryant's funeral home their number is 845-439-4333 if anyone has any questions and he will be buried at the Sullivan county veterans cemetery following the funeral services and my family will also be having refreshments after the burial. I just have one question for all of you, if anyone has any pictures of my father by himself or with friends please email them to me at CountryGirl242012@rocketmail.com thank you all so very much!

2/27/2013 6:05:48 PM



This takes the term "pumpkin widow" to a whole nother level. I never liked that term. Now I hate it!

2/27/2013 8:08:03 PM


(rocky) Bonney Lake Wa.

Thank you Melinda I am sorry for your loss wether you knew him much or not it still isnt the best news to have to hear. My prayers go out to you and your family.

2/27/2013 8:22:00 PM

mom2busy (Team Extreme)

First and foremost if you don't know the full story stop commenting. You have no concept of their life or how reclusive they could be or the fact that there was an alleged violent break up and Randy was supposed to be in jail. This is the story that was told to a bunch of us.
Those of us that were close to them and considered them real good friends knew that there relationship could be explosive at times and that they liked to keep to themselves, so before you commment on what his "buddies" could have done stop and think how little you know of this situation. No one gave a rats ass about Randy or Deb before this became a public spectacle. It's easy to be riteous after the fact. Shame on you for commenting on our friendship or there lives, which you know nothing about.
I will be more than happy to discuss this is private. You all know how to contact me.

2/27/2013 8:35:50 PM

mom2busy (Team Extreme)

Melinda, We are very sorry for your loss. Your dad was a real good friend of ours. We wish you could have known your dad, he was a very loyal friend but he liked to keep his distance. We probably have pictures for you and alot of crazy stories. His sense of humor was second to none....I can recall getting bare hugged and kissed by Randy in front of cameras more than once...LOL You can contact me anytime at 845-616-5430 or at sales@extremepumpkinstore.com.
May he be at peace.
Tom and Kim Privitera

2/27/2013 8:38:55 PM


Boise City, Oklahoma, USA

Been out of the loop, catching up. My condolences Melinda.

2/27/2013 9:08:47 PM


Livingston Manor, NY

Thank you all it really means a lot to me that you are helping me get to know a little more about him and what he absolutely loved doing. Thanks to all who sent pictures like I said it really means a lot to me. And I will contact you Tom and Kim privitera as soon as I take care of what I need to as Randy's daughter and hopefully I can get some hints on how to grow some huge pumpkins like he did to keep his legacy going.

2/27/2013 9:17:07 PM


Cochecton, NY

Again! Why has nobody including his daughter missed him in the last three years? WTF? Only in NY I guess!

3/6/2013 2:37:13 PM


Western NY

Must be you can't read or lack comprehension skills.

3/6/2013 5:34:52 PM



Very sad, I watched lord of the gourds so many times. and He was the one I thought was The Coolest. I still can't believe this happen :(

2/3/2014 9:47:57 AM


Bristol R.I. USA

Just found put about all this. Crazy world. Crimes get more bizarre.

4/8/2014 1:30:36 AM


Bristol R.I. USA

Just found put about all this. Crazy world. Crimes get more bizarre.

4/8/2014 1:30:36 AM

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