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Subject:  R.I.P. Deb Sundstrom

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mom2busy (Team Extreme)

Just found out today that one of our fellow growers and friend has passed away. I hope she knows how much she will be missed. R.I.P. Deb.

2/23/2013 12:27:45 AM



Sorry to hear that, will remember her in my prayers.

2/23/2013 1:31:24 AM

moro (sergio)

Cologne Brescia Italy

Sorry to hear my prayers for his family

2/23/2013 3:53:12 AM


South Hero, VT

R.I.P. Deb. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

2/23/2013 7:15:04 AM



Sorry for her families lose and will keep her in our thought today !!!!!

2/23/2013 7:30:32 AM


Western NY

R.I.P Deb and thank you.

2/23/2013 8:11:42 AM



so so sorry.....

2/23/2013 8:28:57 AM

Princeton Joe

Princeton Kentucky

Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Sundstrom Family.

2/23/2013 8:57:00 AM



Sorry to hear this RIP Deb

2/23/2013 9:06:19 AM

Bohica (Tom)


Deb was a really good friend, and a good person.
For anyone that has seen the "Lords of the Gourd" Deb became infamous for her Wall of Death.
I hope that she is at peace now.
Deb, you will be missed, but not forgotten.

2/23/2013 10:20:30 AM


Washington State

You will be missed Deb. Our prayers are with your family and friends, Joel and Mari Lou

2/23/2013 10:39:11 AM

chad gilmore

Pemberton, BC

Now thats some sad news...one of the originals. Rest easy Deb.

2/23/2013 11:15:38 AM

Frank and Tina

South East

RIP Deb Sundstrom

2/23/2013 11:16:54 AM

Darren C (Team Big-N-Orange)

Omaha, Ne.

so sad

2/23/2013 11:28:52 AM


Paradise Mountain, New York

Oh my God! Deb was a very kind hearted woman. Got to know her at the Cooperstown and Oswego weigh-off's.Had some good talks with her. I'm still shocked. Rest in peace Deb and may God give you all the comfort in heaven.......

2/23/2013 11:31:28 AM


Very sorry to hear that! Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Sundstrom family!

2/23/2013 1:17:12 PM

Dyberry Patch

Honesdale Pa USA

Sorry to hear. She was a nice lady.

2/23/2013 2:29:51 PM

Farmer Chuck

Santa Rosa, CA

My thoughts are with the Sundstrom family. I will always remember Deb as "The Mouse-trap Lady" from the Lords of the Gourd video.

2/23/2013 3:50:57 PM


bliss,n.y.- heart of Wyoming County

My sincere condolences.

2/23/2013 6:52:12 PM

Big Kahuna 25

Ontario, Canada.

Really sad. I saw "Lords of the Gourd"

2/23/2013 10:18:07 PM


Rhode Island

a very nice person who we will all miss. one of the really fun people of our hobby.

2/24/2013 6:44:20 AM


Northville Ny

I met her a few years back.Very happy go lucky person.She will be missed. Prayers to her family and friends.

2/24/2013 8:04:51 AM


Honesdale, Pennsylvania

sorry to hear the sad news... Deb always had a smile and was super enthusiastic about her pumpkin growing.. it made her happy. RIP Deb.

2/24/2013 8:20:22 AM


Long Island,New York


2/24/2013 10:17:18 AM

mom2busy (Team Extreme)

Awesome link Glenn!!! She will definitley be missed.

2/24/2013 12:36:19 PM

basebell6 (christy)

Massillon, Ohio

Oh my goodness, such sad news indeed. Sending our prayers.

2/24/2013 3:34:58 PM

curtlave (team extreme)

Sourthern Utah

this is very sad news,, our prayers to the family,,

2/24/2013 7:01:35 PM

Joe P.

Leicester, NY

Very sad indeed..Glenn, thank you for sharing that picture. Classic Deb, smiling ear to ear

2/24/2013 7:31:35 PM

Kathie Morgan

Santa Rosa, CA

This is very hard news. She was my judge when I ran the Guess Which California Grower Will Grow Our State's First Thousand Pounder? contest. Back in 2002, I believe. Greg Stucker grew an 1105 pounder that very year, and Deb had to make the call when no one guessed Greg but someone had guessed a Salinas grower who also grew a grander that same year. She also introduced me to two novices who lived in our zip code and who became good growers and good friends. She sent me awesome seeds every year.

2/24/2013 10:01:35 PM

croley bend


May the Lord Bless her and her family.

2/25/2013 9:19:04 AM


Parker, Co

Our condolences and prayers to the Sundstrom family

2/25/2013 2:40:37 PM


Torrance, Ca.

Such sad news,,,,, she was one of my favorites from lord of the gourd!

May God be with her and close to the family!

2/25/2013 3:02:13 PM


churchville, ny

She will be missed.

2/25/2013 3:39:36 PM


Rhode Island

why does it always seem that the truely good ones go early while the low lifes seem to live forever? Deb"mouse trap lady" was a friend and former oaf sponsor as well.

2/25/2013 4:44:05 PM

Pinnacle Peak

British Columbia, Canada

Very sad news. Prayers to the sundstrom family.

2/26/2013 11:00:25 AM


Let me just start off by asking you people if you know the circumstances surrounding the death of your all wonderful, loving, clinically psychotic friend Debra? Last time I checked, that twisted evil bitch went down as a thief and murderer. She murdered my closest friend, an amazing man that had a massive positive impact on the lives of those fortunate enough to meet him. So again I ask you people, what the fuck is wrong with you? Debra Sundstrom fucking burn in hell! I wish I could bring you back so I could kill you all over again. Your a selfish, psychotic cunt and I hope the devil is raping your filthy soul in the lowest depths of hell. Thanks for nothing. You people live in fantasy lands where the devil is shrouded in pretty colors and confetti so you can all keep pretending that your holier than thou.

2/11/2014 6:36:25 AM

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