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Compost Tea

Subject:  Applying Compost Tea - Before Planting

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Penryn CA

Does anyone add Compost Tea to the planting site - prior to planting your AG pumpkin plant - just curious.

3/24/2020 11:56:19 PM


Guelph, Ontario

Just put the compost you would have made tea from into plot. It will be of more benefit.

3/25/2020 10:01:08 AM

G. Kins

Catinthehat, WA

If I remember your soil test correctly... It couldnt hurt? If your ground is dry I would say yes to tea but if its already wet I would just add the compost part not the water part.

3/25/2020 12:58:03 PM


Dillonvale, Ohio

1 cup of compost over 1000 sq ft is nothing. However, take that cup and use it to make 5 gallons of tea and pour/spray that over 1000 sq ft would be beneficial. 5 gal of water is also nothing over that 1000 sq. I'm not sure doing it before the plant gets there will be of much benefit, but it could be.

3/28/2020 8:25:20 AM



Putting it in on planting area thats going to have warm soil(within cloche or soil cables) might make a benefit for young/mid school sized plants.I dont thing its gonna do anything for the rest of the plot.

3/28/2020 4:54:56 PM


Guelph, Ontario

With tea, what you have is water soluble nutrients in solution. So they don't stay in soil for very long. If you want the nutrients to stay in soil, and be slowly released, put the material into the soil.

5/2/2020 7:31:53 PM


South Dakota

Being in CA, your soil may be warm enough that the addition of compost/worm tea would help to innoculate your soil with the beneficial microbes in the tea. I use worm tea entirely for the benefit of the soil microbiology it adds, the added benefit of micro foliar feeding is an extra. I would go for it, it is not going to hurt.

5/2/2020 7:38:24 PM


Guelph, Ontario

There are no Microorganisms to be added by a tea that are not there already. And the ones in soil will be at maximum already.

5/3/2020 9:11:38 PM

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