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Subject:  Fish emulsions..

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Big T Hoff

Hadley Ny

I probably put five five gallon buckets of fish carcasses on the garden over the winter. Birds foxes etc enjoyed themselves but they were in water and that all made it to the ground. I have another three buckets fermenting with more to go in. I was just planning on straining and putting carcasses in the compost pile. The water they are in turns to syrup in a matter of hours. Can I be adding too much to the garden? Adding on another 2500 sq ft to my 5000 sq ft patch. Frost finally came out of the ground and can't till until this weekend ..rain on the way..hoping to add and let the rain draw it into the garden. I'm not sure if this might burn my seedlings..I don't believe it will but looking for input from somebody that knows.

4/18/2017 4:00:06 PM

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