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Subject:  Slime Problem?

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San Diego

Is it bad to have brown algae stuff form on surfaces (strainer and slide walls) in compost tea? I know there will be some slime, but it seems like a large amount. I don't have a way to measure the amount of air that I used, but I made sure that there is a lot so I am sure that is not the problem. I brewed it for 24 hours in low light and around 75-80+ degrees (same as outside temps). I tried smelling it, but I could not make a judgment because of a small amount of kelp meal I threw in. I have done it twice before, but never had the slime, so I either did it right or totally wrong.

Thanks for the help!

6/9/2015 11:14:11 PM

Frank and Tina

South East

clean the equipment after the brew, the smell should be sweet.

6/10/2015 7:17:25 AM


San Diego

So the algae stuff is not a bad sign?

6/10/2015 11:21:32 AM



The foam is not bad. I get it sometimes more than others. I make several different mixes. Just make sure to clean everything after each batch. Hydrogen Peroxide works best.

6/10/2015 5:14:58 PM


Torrance, Ca.

If you think it may have went bed,,,,, walk down the street in the dark and give Vince's plant a little spray. Watch his plant over the next 2 days. If all seems good,,, you should be good to go:)

6/10/2015 5:32:48 PM


Torrance, Ca.

Bed or bad,,,,,,,,,, Vince won't mind. lol

6/10/2015 5:33:36 PM


San Diego

That is a good idea but its a little too late. I used his plants to test my 90% bleach fungicide I made and decided I wont be using it on my plants. He wont have to worry about mildew though >:)

OrangeGhost, I meant on surfaces that this algae stuff could attach to, not on the surface of the water. There was foam, but what I am worried about was the large amount of brown algae slime that was growing on the strainer and walls of the bucket. I read that some of this would form, but it seemed like a lot. Anyone know why? I thought I did everything right.

6/10/2015 5:53:15 PM


Torrance, Ca.


6/10/2015 6:28:37 PM



In the 24 to 48 hours you brew, it would not get algae if you cleaned after each batch. I have been making tea for 5 years, and only get foam. How hot is it were you are? You may only be able to brew for 24 hours max. Do you have worm castings? Try a batch with just them. Start with a clean setup. PS I have had foam over 4 inches high.

6/10/2015 8:14:31 PM



Somebody you need to clean everything right after you use your tea. Not the next day.

6/10/2015 8:22:25 PM


San Diego

I use worm castings. I don't want to risk using compost. I gave the temperature in the first post, I don't know the exact temperature it was. I bleached everything out and it they dry for a few days although there was some black around the rim.

All I need to know is if the stuff will have a harmful effect. I did not see the it until I had used some because it was getting dark out. It has been exactly a day since I used it and the plants are growing fine, so I guess there is no need for the post anymore.

But no more algae!

6/10/2015 9:05:29 PM



Good to see you are using worm castings. You are good to go.

6/10/2015 9:17:32 PM


Central Illinois

you dont need to worry about the slime,but you do need to clean your equipment after each use, the slime that is produced is one of the reasons why you dont send tea through drip tape it will clog your emitters

6/11/2015 8:11:20 AM

DJ SpudKin


The algae is not harmful to your plants. It may plug your lines or filter up though. I know some farmers who grow algae in tanks by their pivots and inject the water in the irrigation. I'm sure there are lots of different kinds of algae, but you're fine.

5/10/2016 1:00:28 AM

Big City Grower (Team Green Gro)


I get a heavy film on my brewer every time I use it. I think a film is normal as long as it doesn't smell sour. But I'm no expert

5/10/2016 9:01:35 AM


Portland, OR

The film / slime is normal & typically the sign of a good tea brew.

Do clean your equipment after each run though. A quick rinse and wipe off is all it takes.
If you don't clean your equipment, you might find it more difficult to attain the same level of brew compared to before.

5/10/2016 6:48:21 PM

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