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Subject:  airlift vortex brewer dancing

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NW Oregon

This seems to be the most active compost tea forum on the web, so I'm submitting my "problem" to you folks.

Thanks in advance for any solutions...or comments...or insults (I been there).

I built an air lift vortex brewer to make my compost tea because cleaning the garbage cans after the first batch this year raised holy ned with my herniated discs. Got a fully draining cone bottom tank from Den Hartog, via JTI supply in Albany, Oregon; snatched an Eco plus 5 pump and, after welding up a stand, plumbed two 1 1/2 inch pvc risers to the tank. Filled it up, turned it on and voila, a vortex!

Ran a test batch: 4 cups EW castings, 1 cup molasses, some kelp meal and some alfalfa (just because I love the smell) and everything worked fine. Opening that 11/2" valve sure makes for exciting bucket filling!

Second batch: 8 cups of a different EMC, 1 cup molasses and the strange began. My air lines attach from above the pipes through threaded T's between the main T and the elbow to the riser and when the vortex settles in (which I have to empty the bag to have happen) the two lift pipes (left and right) alternate feeding the pipe.

Two inches of water show in one air line, then two inches show in the other. In rhythm. The gurgles and the vortex almost seem to be singing.

What the heck is happening? Vortex is swirling and the addition of fish emulsion (odor) went away in three hours. Any help would be appreciated.

8/19/2013 2:35:45 PM

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