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Compost Tea

Subject:  Anthracnose

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My kins have this disease and want to limit it as much as possible. I have used compost tea in the past to prevent the disease with success but it has not worked this year. I have resorted to Banner Maxx alternating Compass and I hope things are in control now.
Will it do any good to brew up some tea and try to help the leaves or will the fungicide just kill the beneficial microbes? I was thinking of using the fungicide midweek and the compost tea on weekends.

7/8/2013 9:31:00 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Hammer pants NY

Did I just waste 5 weeks spraying tea the day before daconil?....note to self... Use yer brain....

7/8/2013 9:58:14 PM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

Compost tea contains bacteria, Protozoa and fungi. Fungicides only impact the fungi.

7/9/2013 10:17:40 AM

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