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Pumpkin Growing in Canada

Subject:  GVGO Membership Packs

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Pumpkin Shepherd

Georgetown, Ontario

I'll be putting together the GVGO membership packs again this year. I hope everyone enjoyed them and put them to good use this season. Remember to take along some seeds you didn't use to the upcoming weigh offs to give away to people that might be interested in giving them a try. Since the weigh off season is here it also means that seed harvesting is soon to follow. We really need more of the "other" giants like Long Gourds, Tomatoes, Watermelon, Field Pumpkin, Green Squash, as well as the "other other" giants like carrots, beets, cabbage, rutabaga, cucumber, and others. So once you get the seeds harvested, dried properly, and labelled (individually is preferred but bulk seeds will be packaged as time permits) please send them to me;

John Nieuwenhoff
37 Stewarttown Road
Georgetown Ontario CANADA L7G 4S5

Last year, one package from a grower never arrived, out of 35 packages, although Canada Post says it was delivered (we have security cameras so were able to determine that it never was delivered). Unfortunately these were likely the best seeds that would have been in your seed pack, but they never did show up anywhere. If you are sending top of the line, irreplaceable, best in show seeds, feel free to send them "signature required" just to be on the safe side.
I plan on putting together the packages the same way as last year, and it went as follows; Everyone that sent in seeds was given pretty much a complete set of everything that was sent in (except their own). After that, I started filling the seed packs weekly as I got an update on memberships paid. So the earlier you paid your membership, the better selection you got in your seed pack. That being said, last year the selection was great so everyone got a great pack but if you are paying your membership in March instead of January there may be a few seeds that we have run out of by then. Good Luck at the weigh offs, and may all your fruit be big and full of seeds!

9/12/2017 4:39:26 PM

Jane & Phil

Ontario, Canada

John is the go to guy for the GVGO membership seed packs each year & he has done a tremendous job distributing them for the club. Thanks John. Your help & support is gratefully appreciated by all of us members. We should hopefully have a good variety of seeds for the GVGO seed packs this year.

For GVGO members, do you remember the GVGO cards we sent out in the seed packs last year? If you haven't already given them out, please staple a seed or two from your leftover seeds to each card & give them out to anyone who shows interest in growing giant pumpkins or other giant vegetables. Help spread the word of our great sport.

Good luck to all this weigh off season.
Jane & Phil

9/13/2017 11:18:01 AM

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