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Pumpkin Growing in Canada

Subject:  GVGO 2016 Memberships are due Jan 1st

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Phil and Jane Hunt - GVGO


GVGO (Giant Vegetable Growers Of Ontario) membership available for the 2016 growing season? Don't wait too long, as there are only a limited amount of seed packs available. The benefits are endless.

For 2016 we're offering each new or existing member a BP with over 15 packs (usually more) of seeds from our member's pumpkins, tomato, LG, watermelon & squash, along with a few seeds from the other giant varieties as well. We also offer 3 great newsletters per year filled with a copious amounts of info & tips from the best growers in the World today, plus a 10% discount on soil reports, club contests, free entry to our Grower's Seminar & Patch Tour, club discounts on bulk purchases & more. Membership is $30 single or $40 family. You can now pay by Paypal, E-Transfers, checks, money orders or Cash.

The email address to send in any payments for
New memberships, Membersrhip Renewals, Auctions purchases & seed purchases is:


We are set up for both Paypal & E-Transfers. For E-Transfers the club bank is TD (Toronto Dominion).
To use E-Transfers, email me the answer to your Security question, so we can receive your payment.

Also Cheques & cash can be mail to

Giant Vegetable Growers of Ontario
C/o Jane Hunt, Treasurer
4376 Hwy 35 N
Cameron, Ontario
K0M 1G0

If you have any questions about renewing membership or joining the GVGO, please contact us at:




We'd like to thank those growers who have already signed up for the 2016 growing season. Your support is gratefully appreciated.

We wish you all the best in 2016. Happy New Year.


Jane & Phil Hunt
Membership Committee-GVGO

12/29/2015 11:31:47 AM

Phil and Jane Hunt - GVGO


Membership prices are in Canadian Dollars, so a $30 US membership only really costs our US friends @ $20-$21 US dollars. Where can you get all this for only $20?
European members can sign up for even cheaper if they pay by PayPal in Can $$ it will only cost them @ 18 to 19 Euros.

A great deal for our Out Of Country members. Don't delay & sign up today.

Jane & Phil

Jane & Phil Hunt
GVGO Membership committee

1/17/2016 11:04:53 AM

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