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Pumpkin Growing in Canada

Subject:  Seeds for sale in Manitoba?

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Wpg, MB

I live in Wpg and I am looking for seeds from a bigger pumpkin(800+ range)
I have been using common seeds from Howard Dill (in NS) and I want to step up my game.


12/5/2010 5:53:45 PM



Alot of free seed offers on the seed exchange with great genetics.

12/5/2010 6:44:11 PM


Wpg, MB

Thanks for the reply.

I have a thought.
If I got a seed from a pumpkin that was grown is MB, do you think it will be more acclimatized to my area?

12/5/2010 10:57:12 PM



I don't have alot of experience, but I have only heard something like the weather having any effect was when it was in hot climates.

12/5/2010 11:13:00 PM

BPMailey TL


I have some good genetics behind my crosses here for you np, and my family on my Dads side is from Winnipeg...lots of relatives out there...been to the Peg many many times!!

1119.8 Mailey 2010 1385 Jutras x 901 Hunt
846 Mailey 2010 901 Hunt x 985 Werner
744 Mailey 2010 1370 Rose x 1068 Wallace

Shoot me an email with your address and I can send you a few if you want.... dynvibe@netscape.ca


12/6/2010 12:19:45 AM



My relatives left france in 1645 for quebec canada, they were there for 150 years.

12/6/2010 9:52:46 PM


Saskatchewan Fosston Canada

Go to seed exchange,"pwhipped" 11/9 2010.He is from Manitoba.And i think he have seeds with good genetics.
D/D Otnes Farm.

12/6/2010 10:06:42 PM


Wpg, MB

Thanks for the replies everyone!

12/7/2010 12:17:52 AM

Phil H.

Cameron,ontario Team Lunatic

Hey North Pumpkin

Join the GVGO & you'll receive a very nice package (over 25 packages of seeds from giant pumpkins & other giant varieties) of seeds from the other members 2010 fruits. 3 Newsletters to help you with updated growing techniques & ideas, along with news from around the pumpkin world. All this & more for just $25.

Email us at gvgo@i-zoom.net if interested. Good luck.

Phil & Jane

12/7/2010 10:23:40 AM

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