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Pumpkin Growing in Canada

Subject:  B.C. Growers-What happened to the heat!

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JABC (Jordan)

British Columbia, Canada

How strange is this, a week ago I was swimming at beach in 35C weather, today I'm huddled inside with cold 16C weather...Brrrrr, it was warmer in April!
Thankfully, it's gonna get warmer here again in the Okanagan, though the rest of B.C. looks dull for the rest of the year...

Anyway, hows everyones pumpkins doing? Hope you got a pumpkin set earlier then me! I thought it would be ok setting at the end of July since it is normally warm here till October...Lesson learned! Ah well, I still ended up with one of the prettiest pumpkins on BP.com, even though it is only 160lbs...Ha! There is always next year.

Good luck, hope to see some of you at a weigh-off in Vancover this fall! We're going Vancover/Abbotsford to visit family during weigh-off time, so maybe I could bring my small pretty pumpkin too...:D


8/28/2010 5:32:33 PM


fort st john BC Canada

Good day from Fort st john BC in northern British Columbia We have had rain up here for most of the summer; recently very day for the past 3 weeks NO Kidding ...My GA pumpkin was gaining 6-8 pounds a day until the rains came now it has not gained a pound in 7 days !!!Using the OTT my pumpkin weight in at 52 pounds I was hopping for a 100lb + put not this year .Mother nature sure knows how to put her spin on things

8/20/2013 1:16:17 AM

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