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Pumpkin Growing in Canada

Subject:  BC Growers

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Pinnacle Peak

British Columbia, Canada

What kind of seeds do BC growers have in dirt this year?
Also, how are they growing so far?

Here's how i'm doing: My 275 Van Hook and 1017 Rondeau are both up and growing great, the 498 Van Hook started showing roots today, I seem to be off on a good start.


5/10/2009 4:02:02 PM


Darfield, British Columbia, Canada

770 Rainer x5, 594 Rainer Sq x4, 1319 Wilson, 1536 VanKooten, 800 Neily Sq, 1156 Hunt. All are doing well except for the 1156 Hunt. Developed some mold problems and it seemed to have split into two and each leaf has it's own set of roots. Only have room for six plants but better safe than sorry.

5/11/2009 11:06:42 PM

Pinnacle Peak

British Columbia, Canada

Nice, some good crosses there.

5/11/2009 11:31:40 PM

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