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Subject:  1807 Turning Yellow

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wile coyote

St. Paul, Minnesota

My 1807 squash turned from green to yellow as it got bigger.
I pollinated on the main vine and the fruit was green. All my female flowers on secondaries aborted before blooming. Am I the only person that had an 1807 squash turn from green to yellow?

8/17/2018 4:24:43 PM


Dillonvale, Ohio

Probably not, it has pumpkin in its genetics. There's a chance it will change as it grows, slim chance, but still a chance. Mine looks like it's getting an orange cast to it, hope it doesn't go too far orange.

8/17/2018 4:52:39 PM



all three of my 1807's are dark green

8/17/2018 7:16:08 PM



My cousin Rick is growing the 1807 his is dark green big and ugly

8/17/2018 10:18:47 PM

Big City Grower (Team Green Gro)


Leave it uncovered if you cover them really good you could be messing with Mother Nature and she might just need full sun kinda like when we cover up kin’s and they stay yellow on top instead of orange... just a random thought...

8/18/2018 9:12:42 AM

wile coyote

St. Paul, Minnesota

My squash is kept uncovered. It is growing in a shady area of my patch area.

8/18/2018 1:00:09 PM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

My 1807 is dark green but my 2118 is basically white. Maybe just the palest of lime green but mostly white. It’s destined for a non GPC weighoff so it won’t matter really but still, it is surprising.

8/18/2018 9:53:34 PM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

It has never been covered either, since the plant and squash are less than impressive.

8/18/2018 9:54:14 PM


Corryton, TN

Wile the gene(s) that cause this has not been isolated or identified to my knowledge. It must have been present in the 1578 as I know of one offspring that went yellow blotched with green. I saw it in another cross that was unrelated to the 1578 that I developed but never released. I suspect it is controlled by at least 2 genes interacting with each other. If it's recessive and controlled by 2 genes, on average, it will appear in 1 out of 16 plants. If it's a single recessive gene we should see it in 1 out of 4.

As for the light colored fruit there have been 2 genes isolated in the maxima species. We have to assume they are in our giants. They are referred to as L-1 and L-2 in cucurbits. Unfortunately both have a at least 1 recessive and dominate allele in the maximas. They can interact with each other and produce fruit that is nearly white. These are in a separate location from the green/orange thus the washed out color of varying degrees.

You've got it this far, grow it big.

8/19/2018 8:16:39 AM


Guelph, Ontario

brotherdave Do you have a reference for the interaction of L1 and L2 ? I'd love to look further into this.

8/19/2018 1:32:33 PM


Corryton, TN

The most up to date list that I've seen with references is at this site. In my earlier post I used upper case L for ease of reading here it is actually referred to as l-1 and l-2. Upper case refers to a dominate gene while lower is recessive.


8/19/2018 4:20:26 PM


Rapid City, SD

if you want a greenie.....grow a true greenie....not a squampkin....lol

9/1/2018 10:02:28 PM

wile coyote

St. Paul, Minnesota

I lost my squampkin last week due to BES.

9/2/2018 12:55:48 AM

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