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Subject:  favored genetics for small patch

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Wolfpack83 (Rebel Rousers)

central Nc

So I'm halfway through my 1st year and having fun learning. I've already decided since I'm not in an ideal climate and am constrained on space, I'm going to shoot for pretty instead of huge next year. My plan is one nice dark green squash and one HD contender.

If you were looking for just a few hundred pounds and a nice looking dark green squash, what seed do you like? Preferably a recent one that is still available.

6/29/2018 10:54:56 AM


Syracuse, NY

i'll be looking at this post as well, not to hijack it, but, i am also looking for the same for THIS year; i'm trying to sprout squash seeds from '00 on up so that i at least give them a chance, but, to no avail...yet. i DO have super-duper ORANGE seeds that will be of interest to you---go here, and i DON'T want you to buy anything, but, look closely (click on the pic) of the 20 est., 100 est. and the 188 est. fruits---any that have inset pics or offspring pics, make a note of and i'll have you covered for some of each to try;


i have 2-188s, 2-20s and 1-100 growing now and will have seeds from those in the fall, ALL geared toward orangest of the orange.
one not listed, my 301.5 from '05 (677 Catapano (767 Catapano (723 X 846) X 801.5 Stelts) X 689.5 Sandercock (869.5 Calai X SELF)) is growing very well also, to be poll'd by hmmm, maybe the 1585 Werner or the 1385 Howell/Jolivette, or any of the others for that matter. either weigh, give me a shout whenever---they're not going anywhere...except into my patch...frownie face, lol---eg---pumpkinpal@msn.com if i get any squashers to sprout, those too!

6/30/2018 2:39:29 AM



I´m growing an 1807 Holub as a 150 sqft plant this year. Time will tell if this ccould be a highly productive seed for small patches.

6/30/2018 2:32:43 PM

Wolfpack83 (Rebel Rousers)

central Nc

Love those deep oranges on the 20 and 100 Eric!

7/2/2018 12:05:37 PM


Syracuse, NY

so, those are available and the crosses i create in '18 with them, fyi. would love to see more of my seeds hit the BP.com dirt! eg

7/3/2018 3:07:47 AM

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