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Subject:  2118's...how are yours?

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C2k (Team Tres Tometeros Tremendos!)

Littlerock, WA

I started four 2118's and every one of them is leggy with twisted cots and smallish curly leaves. My giant pumpkin seedlings all look 'normal', are low to the ground with nice, full round cots and big true leaves forming, so it seems to be more of a genetic thing than environmental. How do your 2118's look?

4/26/2018 1:25:25 PM


Bloomington, IN USA

My 2118 is just breaching the soil but it’s cotyledons seem twisted or at least wavy.
I’m thinking it is going to grow out of it.

4/26/2018 2:39:55 PM


Santa Rosa, CA

One of my two 2118's is like yours Cindy. The other one looks normal.

4/26/2018 5:01:14 PM


Essex, UK

Mine are rubbish. One failed to germinate properly. Other very slow and has come up with twisted cotyledons and very very slow to produce a first true leaf. Considering not bothering with it. Seems like everyone has had similar issues with this seed.

4/26/2018 5:08:04 PM

Orangeneck (Team HAMMER)

Eastern Pennsylvania

Mine looks normal.

4/26/2018 9:57:33 PM

Jay Yohe

Pittsburgh, PA

One of mine looks half decent. The other two have very funky cots.

4/26/2018 10:25:56 PM

Dutch Brad


Both of mine failed. Twisted cots and no growing tip.

4/27/2018 2:33:16 AM

Hayden R

Western Massachusetts

Mine started with twisted cots but now unfolded and is making strides in growing it's first true leaf. The other was so deformed it had nowhere for a true leaf to form

4/27/2018 3:12:27 AM


Santa Rosa, CA

Seeds from selfed plants often seem either to be great...or
very disappointing. I'm hoping my good one is great!

4/27/2018 9:55:44 PM

megakin(Team Illiana)

west central IN/East central IL

Leggy here, but starting to grow.

4/27/2018 11:23:22 PM


Syracuse, NY

More selfies, please, lol!

4/30/2018 12:23:53 AM

Jay Yohe

Pittsburgh, PA

Threw one in the trash this morning. Ugh

4/30/2018 11:23:33 PM


Corryton, TN

2 with curly/folded cots here. Have had loads of melon seeds similar over the years. Most have grown out fine. Have been able to tuck the tip of top cot just behind the edge of the bottom cot exposing first true leaf on day 3 or 4. Did this in the heat of the day. All systems go!

5/1/2018 5:08:08 AM


no.scituate R I

Same here started two good ones and three white tip ones all are slow to rock and roll. But looking like they will pull out of it soon let’s hope so time will tell. My 2150 seeds a very similar in appearances. Still early but was hoping for a better start. Joe J

5/2/2018 8:37:15 PM

megakin(Team Illiana)

west central IN/East central IL

Mine is coming around and looks to be fine.

5/2/2018 11:01:42 PM

C2k (Team Tres Tometeros Tremendos!)

Littlerock, WA

After being in the ground a few days, they're starting to look more 'normal', so I'm starting to get optimistic!

5/3/2018 11:42:44 AM



Mine started with curly cots but now it looks normal

5/15/2018 5:12:12 PM

Jay Yohe

Pittsburgh, PA

The 2118 that I kept is outperforming all other plants at this point. It had curly cots but I pinched them off yesterday anyways. Hi hopes for this one.

5/15/2018 11:18:29 PM


Santa Rosa, CA

My irregular one has been culled. It just kept getting worse. My good one looks great. It is gonna grow a slinger!

5/15/2018 11:32:05 PM


Santa Rosa, CA


5/15/2018 11:32:28 PM

Team Wexler

Frenchburg, Ky

I have two, both are extremely curled, first true leaf on both look like a stick. Probably gonna toss them.

5/16/2018 6:45:59 AM

John Van Sand Bagus


2118 in our patch you have to watch and don't stand too close to it as it will drag you across the patch!

5/17/2018 1:14:56 PM

C2k (Team Tres Tometeros Tremendos!)

Littlerock, WA

Well, we all should have squashes around 30 days old now. How are those 2118s looking? I'm happy with mine; it is a steady grower and a nice shade of green. It's outpacing my 2002 from last year, so my fingers are crossed that it can give me a PB.

8/3/2018 9:06:13 PM

Jay Yohe

Pittsburgh, PA

Mine measured 318” at 50 dap yesterday. Pics are in my diary. Yours looks great Cindy.

8/3/2018 11:06:58 PM

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