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Subject:  Soil sample advice

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Milan L

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Here are my soil sample results from last week.
My garden is roughly 1200 sqft.(around 0.03 acres).
Any advice & recommendations are greatly appreciated! I'm new to all of this.     

Nitrogen = 32 ppm
Phoshporus = 110 ppm
Potassium = 350 ppm
Sulfur = 28 ppm
Calcium = 5200 ppm
Magnesium = 960 ppm
Sodium = 50 ppm
Boron = 1.2 ppm
Copper = 1.2 ppm
Iron = 22 ppm
Manganese = 2 ppm
Zinc = 5.6 ppm
Chlorine = 4.4 ppm

pH = 7.6 (too high?)
Organic matter = 16%

10/24/2017 9:14:14 PM



yep try to get ph down around neutral.raise cu,mn and boron.Look up langlay soil estimator for recommendations level wise.

11/5/2017 9:48:56 PM

Milan L

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thanks! Will do!

11/12/2017 10:43:27 PM


Dillonvale, Ohio

The Langlay soil estimator is at www.team-pumpkin.org under downloads. Don't get too caught up in getting your ratios perfect, it can be overwhelming trying to. I felt like I was chasing perfection.

11/13/2017 6:52:37 AM

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