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Subject:  Help with soil test analysis

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Bangor, ME

I would love some insight on my soil test that I did this fall. This is my third year growing giant pumpkins, and I'm really trying to give myself the best chance I can at getting a personal best next year. I talked with a fellow pumpkin grower, and he recommended getting my Ca:Mg ratio to 10:1. He said the way the University of Maine reported my soil levels was interesting because some of the elements are measured in lb/A instead of ppm. My levels were as follows:

pH: 6.8
Organic matter: 15.6%
Nitrate (ppm): 83
Phosphorus (lb/A): 1103
Potassium (lb/A): 1269
Magnesium (lb/A): 1722
Calcium (lb/A): 15,249
Potassium (% sat): 8.6%
Calcium (% sat): 77.1%
Magnesium (% sat): 14.4%
Sulfur (ppm): 136 - This was low last year and I amended using their recommended amount
Boron (ppm): 1.9
Copper (ppm): 0.32
Iron (ppm): 4.5
Manganese (ppm): 15.2
Zinc (ppm): 17.6

I am an organic grower. This season I honestly didn't fertilize much except for a few foliar sprays of fish/seaweed fertilizer and a few applications of homemade compost tea. I added a lot of manure and compost this spring, and I don't think I need anymore right now!

Thank you so much for the help. I am a science nerd, and I am excited to learn!

12/19/2016 2:25:39 PM



Copper is nearly deficient, boron is not inline with calcium or potassium and you iron is way too low for your phos level. manganese could need a bump

1/10/2017 11:53:57 PM

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