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Soil Preparation and Analysis

Subject:  UMass Soil Test Results

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pH-7.0 / Modified Morgan extractable, ppm / (P) 39.9 / (K) 160
(Ca) 1560 / (Mg) 112 / Sulfur 10.8 / Micronutrients / (B) 0.2
(Mn) 5.4 / (Zn) 1.3 / (Cu) 0.1 / (Fe) 0.7 / CeC,meq/100g 9.1
Exch. Acidity, meq/100 0.0 / Base Sat. Calcium 85 / magnesium 10
Potassium 4 / Soil OM 2.7 / Soluble salts 0.04.
Recommendations were .25-.30 lbs / 100 sq ft for Nitrogen / Potassium 0.1 lbs / 100 sq ft. I think I should be adding gypsum to raise (Ca) and the sulfur, Compost for Organic matter.I have green sand 0-0-3 which I can use for (k). I mark the wrong field when filling out my soil test, I used the mix vegetable section instead of the giant pumpkins. My soil test reads (p) / (k) / (ca) are above optimun but Al Eaton target areas are (p)-160-200 / (k)-330-500 / (Mg)-270-400 / (Ca)-3000-4000. Please fill free to give any advise, thank you! Roger.

12/3/2016 12:15:14 AM



I wouldnt raise calcium(unless you also raise magnesium) because your ca+++ to magnesium ratio is already too high. the ratio between those too elements is more important.

12/3/2016 12:57:12 AM

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