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Soil Preparation and Analysis

Subject:  Tissue results, high nitrates

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Western Pa

Everything was good except my nitrates were almost double the max requirement, according to Western Labs.

I expected them to be high since I put down my last application of N the last week in June.
I have read that can cause issues with locking up calcium and other micros possibly. My fruit growth has been good so far, but am wondering if it could have been better with lower nitrates ???
I dont think there is anything I can do to lower them at this point. I would think that they will drop with rain fall and through the winter. We have been rather dry this summer here.

Any input on past experience with very high nitrates would be welcome.

8/5/2016 7:54:46 AM



I have Same thing in my report.My fruit are doing well. My friend has very low nitrogen and his fruit were very slow. He has used a lot of commercial compost with a lot of wood shavings in it ---hes been adding nitrogen and one of his fruit is doing better.

8/10/2016 11:35:59 AM


Western Pa

Do you have any foamers Cojoe, or is it to dry for those out there ?
Thank you.

8/10/2016 12:24:23 PM



No foamers,I keep the plants cooled with misting during our hot days and it cools of at night and dries out. A grower in WI asked me how bad we get dew in the morning and I asked him what dew was:)

8/11/2016 9:50:22 PM

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