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Subject:  GPC Big Show

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Tree Doctor

Mulino, Oregon

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the GPC Steering committee for a job well done in Las Vegas! It was an extreme honor to be inducted into the GPC Hall of Fame and I appreciate all the long hours and dedication it took to make this event a great success! Thank you!

3/4/2020 6:49:21 PM



was an awesome time as all of the events over the years,, congrats jim, well deserved. and loved to see how emotional it was for you, tells me and everyone a lot about how important this pumpkin growing community is to you, congrats again, scott

3/4/2020 7:01:00 PM


President - GPC

Thank You Jim Sherwood, there is a reason you are in the Hall, YOU deserve it.... Thank you for helping our growers GROW forward.... and all your time to make this hobby SPECIAL

3/4/2020 9:02:11 PM


President - GPC

You made us all cry, for the hobby.... you rock, ItZ what it iZ all about

3/4/2020 9:56:39 PM

Jane & Phil

Ontario, Canada

Congrats on your induction Jim. It was long over due. Your hard work & dedication to the sport over the many years is gratefully appreciated by us all. We would have loved to been there to welcome you & the others into the HoF, but just couldn't afford it this year.
Thanks for all you've done for this great hobby.
Phil & Jane

3/5/2020 8:23:46 AM


Flat Rock, Michigan

An Honor Well deserved My Friend (even when it made us cry ) John and Joy

3/5/2020 8:45:44 AM

Dave & Carol

Team Munson

Jim you have always been there for all of us it was an honor to be there for you & be part of your induction into the GPC HOF.

It was also my honor to be there to see the Paton brothers being inducted into the GPC HOF. They have been such good friends over the years & to see them take their place in the hallowed halls made me extremely happy for them on a well deserved appointment. Then not only to be inducted but to have Stewie & Kaz get engaged was just icing on the cake congratulations on your induction & engagement you guys ROCK!!!

Frank Mudd & John Barlow I don't know you as well but you have shown why you deserve to be in the HOF. Congratulations to both of you & welcome I especially like the story of the camel I hope 1 day to visit Kentucky & see the house of sand & your camel!!!

Thank you to the GPC committee for putting on a great weekend there is no doubt you can tell the hours & commitment by all of you to make it work out so well. The feel good atmosphere on Saturday night was special not only with the HOF but all the award winners it was great to be a part of.

3/5/2020 9:28:55 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Congrats TreeDoctor!!!...Honored to be taught by so many in the HOF. Best of luck this season!!!! Big big

3/5/2020 9:53:31 AM



I also was honored to be asked to help induct Jim, I didn't realize how taken back you get when your in the middle of 4 of these inductions and they were all awesome.
There wasn't a dry sleeve in the place, Hey GPC how about some Kleenex next time!!!!
Thank you Jim, Thank you GPC it was a great time.

3/5/2020 4:42:25 PM

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