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Subject:  BIG Thank You Goes to Your GPC Committee

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President - GPC

I want to Thank all those on the current GPC Committee for the performance above and beyond at the International Growers Convention. Over 165 growers enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Vegas. Old and new friends once again came together to share their enjoyment for the hobby and their fellow growers. I wish every grower could have shared this experience, it is truly one of a kind experience and we have some wonderful growers.

I also want to thank all of our presenters and participants, they had no secrets....and I never have seen so much emotion displayed at the Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony. Next year, tissues on all the tables... What a wonderful share of love.
I have served on the GPC Committee for a wonderful 10 years and in several positions. It has been a pleasure to have served with a plethora of volunteers on and off the committee which makes this hobby special and second to none. We all have the same bind.... GROWING... not only just fruits and vegetables but friendship.. and the future. GrowIt Foward!

I want to again THANK the current committee members... you all just Rock! Awesomeness to serve with you.

I accepted the office of GPC President two years ago, and I hold it at the highest level of integrity along with your current sitting GPC Committee Board members. Please join me in Thanking Them for their volunteer work, they worked their butts off, each and every one. Hit it out of the park this weekend, ask anyone whom attended.

I hereby accept the unanimous decision of this committee, and look forward to serving a minimum of two more years in the position I hold most dear, as President, of YOUR GPC COMMITTEE!

Rewarding the past.....and growing the future

More to come!

3/1/2020 11:31:12 PM

Jane & Phil

Ontario, Canada

Jane & I would like to thank all the committee for all their hard work. We would have liked to attended the seminar, but I'm getting dental implants done in a month, so we just couldn't afford it this year.
A big congrats to all the winners from the past year. We would also like to welcome the 5 new inductees into the Hall of Fame. All are worthy of this great honor.
Keep up the great work. Hope to see you all next year.

Jane & Phil

3/5/2020 8:14:01 AM

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