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Subject:  Growers Hall of Fame Inductees for 2019

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President - GPC

The GPC is proud to announce the Growers Hall of Fame Inductees for 2019.

The GPC Committee reviewed the old selection process and sought to make improvements to a good system to better represent all growers, all fruits and all regions. To create a selection process that included growers in their region within the processes, to grow from the bottom up. We also wanted to improve representation in areas with eligible growers that had no previous representation in the Hall but may be eligible based on their accomplishments. Any process can be improved upon including this process as well.

This year, growers within their own region submitted grower BIOS’s for the selection process, based upon eligibility requirements. Growers they knew from weigh offs, club meetings, seed auctions. Leaders in clubs and those with extensive volunteering for growers in their areas.

The GPC noted that all BIOS’s submitted this year met the requirements, All worthy of Hall of Fame selection, if not now, certainly for future years. Those that were not selected this year are encouraged to resubmit in the oncoming years.

We are proud to announce the Growers Hall of Fame Inductees chosen by their area growers for 2019.

Jim Sherwood > Pacific Coast
John Barlow > Central Region
Frank Mudd> Southern Region
Ian and Stuart Paton > International Region

Please join us in congratulating this year’s Growers Hall of Fame Class of 2019.

11/27/2019 5:21:49 PM

Rick j.

stoughton WI

Congrats everybody

11/27/2019 6:36:07 PM


Peosta, Iowa

Congrats, a well deserving group of growers!

11/27/2019 7:35:55 PM

Suburban Gardener

Western Washington


11/27/2019 7:55:04 PM

it is what it is

Streator ,Illinois

congrats to everyone well deserved

11/27/2019 9:23:07 PM




11/28/2019 5:09:23 AM


Salem, Ohio USA

Congratulations to Jim, John, Frank, Ian and Stuart. Well deserved. Welcome!

11/28/2019 6:38:47 AM


Vancouver Washington

What Pete said, with some of these!!!

11/28/2019 7:15:46 AM



Congrats all

11/28/2019 12:58:23 PM



Congrats guys-well deserved

12/3/2019 12:01:15 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Wonder how many growers have been influenced by just these five guys...huge congrats..and thank you

12/3/2019 1:29:18 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

Congratulations to all of these great growers!

12/3/2019 3:53:17 PM



Congratulations to all of you!

12/3/2019 7:00:24 PM


Sharon, MA

Awesome line up.

12/29/2019 3:12:09 PM

G. Kins

Inabeehive, WA

Well deserved.

12/30/2019 1:30:38 AM

Jane & Phil

Ontario, Canada

Wow. 5 growers. I think this is the most people ever inducted in 1 year. Welcome to the Hall of Fame guys. All are worthy of this great honor. Thanks for all work you've done for the GPC, for the sport &/or for your local clubs & growers. It's people like you who make this sport special. Congrats to all.

12/30/2019 10:17:17 AM


President - GPC

The GPC Committee would like to extend a special invitation to all Current HOF members....to attend the International Growers Show in Vegas this year... Something special will happen and we encourage you to wear your Black HOF Blazer to Saturday nights Awards and Recognition Show..... Something "Special" indeed......

12/30/2019 10:39:56 AM

Nana Rea

Massillon, Ohio

Its wonderful that these leaders of our pumpkin community can be honored and recognized for all they have done. Congratulations Jim, John, Frank, Ian and Stuart!!

12/30/2019 11:19:20 AM

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