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Subject:  GPC Rule updates released @ the Green Bay Big Show

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President - GPC

We hope everyone is having a great growing season. We know weather has hit a few, but hoping you still have PB's to head to the scale.

The GPC released some new rule updates and changes at the GB Big Show.

8/1/2019 4:33:12 PM


President - GPC

The GPC also
•    Brought back the Orange Jacket and caught up with missed years.
•    New personalized Awards, shown in our GPC Gallery on the new website
•    Award structure expansion Added top 25 vice 20
•    World Record All Time Top 10 Award>>. Submitted to Guinness.
•    New GPC Bomber Jackets > The old jackets are no longer available in the sizes we need. So we had to find a new manufacturer, these are actually better jackets.

8/1/2019 4:35:07 PM


President - GPC

HOF Rules Update and Recommendations

This prestigious and highly sought-after award is in honor of Howard Dill, known as the “Father of Giant Pumpkin Growing”, from Windsor Nova Scotia. His love of big beautiful orange pumpkins is the reason for this award. Color, symmetry and size are the key elements for having success in this category. Honesty and fair competition were also very important to Howard and the GPC is committed to uphold these beliefs. In order to help achieve all the above, the GPC has established these rules and recommendations for our sites.
VARIETY - Dill’s Atlantic Giant
No other varieties are allowed
The entry must be free of any and all foreign substances. This includes but is not limited to:
    •    Oils of any type
    •    Wax of any type
    •    Buffing agents of any type
•    The entry must be shown in its natural state. (The grower is allowed to hand rub or buff the entry to smooth out the natural shine and color.
DMG entries are not allowed.
If the Judge/Judges believe any of the above criteria is not met then the entry can be disqualified and the Judges decision will be FINAL.

If a grower is found to be a repeat offender they can be banned from further competitions.

8/1/2019 4:38:06 PM


President - GPC


If a site allows exhibition entries (EXH), these may qualify for the HD award.

JUDGING - Determining the winner of the Howard Dill Award

A) Qualities to look for are a smooth orange/orange-red color.

B) Symmetry of the fruit and freeness of sag lines and mis-shaped areas

C) SIZE - most sites have a 500 pound minimum however small sites and sites located in challenging locations may decide to lower or eliminate the size requirement.

VOTING – There are many ways of determining the winner of this award and all are acceptable, however the G.P.C. RECOMMENDATIONS are:

Every Giant Pumpkin contestant is given one vote and they may vote for their own providing it meets the above criteria.

In the event of a tie, the heaviest entry wins

8/1/2019 4:38:36 PM


President - GPC

GPC Fruit Longevity Rules – All fruits entered must have been grown in the same year. So no you cant take your three year old LG to a WO as an entree even though it was never entered previously.

8/1/2019 5:02:13 PM


President - GPC

GPC Individual Awards – Cannot combine Team Fruits and Individual fruits for GPC Recognition Awards

8/1/2019 5:02:35 PM


President - GPC

NEW Definition: Team is two growers contributing equally to the care of a fruit/vegetable grown at the same address and exhibited together.

For instance for Master Gardener Award, one cannot grow half the fruits at your patch, they grow the other fruits at their patch, and you combine both gardens as a TEAM. Team equally cares for each fruit together and shown together at the weigh off.

8/1/2019 5:10:11 PM


President - GPC

The GPC wishes everyone a fantastic growing season.....

See you at the scales

Your GPC Committee

8/1/2019 5:10:52 PM

Jane & Phil

Ontario, Canada

This is really describing the Howard Dill award & not the HOF (Hall of Fame) as implied on the top of your 3rd posting.

I assume we'll see some updates for the qualifications & recommendations for the Hall of Fame (HOF) soon.

I like the new team rules.

Keep up the great work.

Phil & Jane

8/2/2019 7:52:03 AM


President - GPC

You are right Phil, .... The GPC will announce

Important new changes to the GPC Hall of Fame Induction Processes.... I will be reaching out to ALL Club Presidents and Area Reps...Soon...

I will bring back to the top, the request for email addresses for ALL Growing Clubs Presidents..
Then we will post changes for all to see on the GPC Website


8/2/2019 10:17:17 AM


President - GPC


Please update....

Thank You

8/2/2019 11:18:04 AM

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