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Subject:  whats required for orange jackets?

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curtlave (team extreme)

Sourthern Utah

hello folks,
been growing for 10 years, whats the sizes needs to get jackets,2000 lbs for single, 4000 lbs for multiples, the gpc site is not clear on the specifics? is there a clear rule, or is it up to the GPC panel?, please specify?
thanks Curt Saxton

2/20/2019 1:24:41 PM


Rapid City, SD

hey curt....me and you just have to have one made....lol

2/21/2019 4:34:17 PM


Torrance, Ca.

Not sure feathers but I'm really looking forward to seeing you in Vegas come 2020!!!!

We have some paybacks to take care of with Don Young! lol

2/22/2019 12:19:50 AM


Morgantown, WV

As far as I understand the rules, it is currently 4,000 pounds over 3 pumpkins at three weigh offs or better.

I believe the other way to get it is to grow a single pumpkin within 200 pounds of the top pumpkin that year.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

I also believe that is just for regular jackets... the Orange Jacket is something being brought back for top grower overall despite the top pumpkins not being orange.

2/22/2019 8:45:05 AM

curtlave (team extreme)

Sourthern Utah

thanks Dustin, i have no idea of what rules are, but thats a start.

2/22/2019 1:19:23 PM


Tenino, WA.

Hi Curt hope this helps. In 2018 to receive a jacket the weight of a single pumpkin had to be 2100 pounds plus. The combined weight of three entries (pumpkin/squash) still stands at 4000 required to get a jacket. If a grower enters a pumpkin and a squash at the same event both qualify toward the jacket. The grower only needs to enter one more entry (pumpkin/squash) at different GPC weigh-off.

2/26/2019 4:04:19 AM


Spokane Washington

Thanks for clarifying Jack, it's harder to get one of those jackets than it sounds (unless your Brett)! Cant wait for you to present me with my GPC jacket 20 years later of you as my mentor... LoL, sad but true! Three fruit in 2018 with a combined weight of 4,348 (in a very tough 2018 year) = coveted GPC Jacket! Whoo-hoo THANK YOU Jack & Sherry!!!.

Cant wait to see you guys in a few weeks!


2/26/2019 9:53:56 PM


Sault Ste Marie, MI 49783

I am getting my I think it is the growers jacket this year for 3 kins with a total weight of 4017 pounds but I do not know what it takes to get the orange jacket

2/26/2019 10:04:21 PM


Spokane Washington

Whoo hoo Gleninthesoo! 4000# jacket for you! Congrats!!¡

2/26/2019 11:55:58 PM


Sault Ste Marie, MI 49783

Thank you Gadberry's looking forward to meeting you in Green Bay

2/27/2019 7:57:08 PM

Orange U. Glad


I still think they should have regional titles so everyone can compete on a equal footing. Let the magical parallel people have the world championship belt and rest of us can compete for the television championship belt like in the old days of NWA wrestling.

2/27/2019 8:17:48 PM


Spokane Washington

LoL Orange we grew for most of our time on the 47.5 parallel in the Spokane Wa area where it frosts into late May and early August with 100+ in between. Still grew a 1112 pumpkin in 2006 without a green house. Just need to work hard and protect the plant.

2/27/2019 10:48:16 PM

Orange U. Glad


^Gads, your answer proves my point. You busted your tail and put in as much effort as anyone to grow a 1112 pumpkin which would not put you anywhere near a current GPC award. But, if you were competing with similar growers in similar conditions then you could be awarded an award that acknowledges your strong performance in less than ideal conditions.

2/28/2019 2:50:08 PM


Spokane Washington

Orange the 2006 WR that year was the wallace 1502. Not surewhat the single fruit weight for a jacket was that year but we had to be close. Our decision to move to the "wet side" of the state had to do partly with career opportunities and partly to have a better shot at actually winning a weigh off or two. We never wanted to change the GPC rules because of our location and growing conditions though.

3/7/2019 9:17:19 PM

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