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Subject:  RAW Potassium 0 0 50 - How to apply

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Penryn CA

Good morning - first time grower - how do you apply the RAW 0 0 50 - mixture - pkg is recommending 1/16th to 1/8th per gallon - question is : do yo foliar apply or add through hose fertilizer (soaker hose) - appreciate your advice.

7/25/2019 11:08:20 AM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

I use it at 1/16 tsp. or less per gallon from my tank overhead and foliar once in awhile.

It’s a little early for me in the rotation to be using that product on its own. Ive switched from the RAW Grow premix to the RAW Bloom premix now that the pumpkins are growing.

We will ramp up to the RAW Potassium along wit Growth Products TKO and Growth Products liquid 0-0-50 usually when the pumpkins are past day 40 or 50.

We also factor in recent tissue testing and advice from the lab.

7/26/2019 1:25:07 PM


Penryn CA

Hmm, so I'm only at 26 days out - I've only applied one drench last night of 1/8th tsp to 2 gallons of water of 0 0 50 RAW Potassium. Should I hold off on any further treatment until I hit the 40 day mark? From Pollination to 20 days I did not do any fertilizer , just a kelp foliar spray once a week. New grower, so I did not do a soil or leaf test...I'm winging it !

7/26/2019 6:49:18 PM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

If you can get some of the RAW Bloom (3-12-12) you would be better off spoon feeding that to your pumpkin plant and start rotating in the RAW Potassium later on in the growth cycle.

7/27/2019 12:19:47 AM

Big City Grower (Team Green Gro)


Like the label says is always what I say

8/1/2019 12:19:02 AM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

Yes, Big City Grower is correct, always read the label.

Label says 1/16 - 1/8 teaspoon per 2 gallons water....so be careful.

8/17/2019 10:32:38 AM

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