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Subject:  Alternative Base to Mill Fabric

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Penryn CA

Would 4 inch insulation work as a base for a giant pumpkin. If not, any alternative suggestions would be appreciated. I have moles so I can not use fine sand alone.

6/28/2019 1:16:34 AM


Dillonvale, Ohio

I use 2" insulation board with sand on top

6/28/2019 7:20:54 AM


Central Illinois

cement board

6/28/2019 7:37:23 AM


South Dakota

A lot of growers use 3/4 plywood with sand over the plywood. Cut some grab holes in the plywood in case you need to nudge your pumpkin after she gets big.

6/28/2019 7:48:37 AM


Penryn CA

Is insulation board or cement board poros? Thank you all for your suggestions, much appreciated. I just pollinated my first pumpkin and I need to prep ahead in case I have good luck !

6/28/2019 10:56:16 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Mohawk valley ny

Not really...I would start with a half sheet of plywood with layer of landscape fabric and a 1” or less bed of nice clean play sand...if it outgrows the plywood you can deal with it then...that’s ones of those good problems to solve...I’ve had luck with just the fabric and sand but why take a chance with the mice...good luck

6/28/2019 4:06:18 PM



nothing wrong with the insulation with some sand on it.

6/28/2019 10:48:28 PM

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