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Subject:  How long for flower to open?

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South Dakota

About how long does it take for a female flower to open once it shows itself?

6/20/2019 8:20:04 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Mohawk valley ny

Shows itself pea sized?...or shows itself when the flower looks like it’s suppose to open?...pea sized if I’m remembering correctly is 12-14 days...?...when it’s supposed to open?...about two days after you think it will open...

6/20/2019 12:32:18 PM


Rapid City, SD

you will notice it will start turning yellow....once it is about 3/4 yellow.....the flower that is.....more than likely it will open the next day

6/20/2019 9:48:07 PM


Dillonvale, Ohio

In the evenings, check the tip of the petals, they pucker out the night before they open. They can change a lot from the morning.

6/20/2019 10:13:04 PM

Glenoma Kins

Southwest WA

Agree... About two weeks from a small pea size to open. (Plus or minus a few days depending on the weather/how fast plant is developing.) If its already penny-sized, maybe a week, plus or minus a few???

6/21/2019 7:37:17 PM


Morgantown, WV

My experience says it will open on the one day you are busy... I check everyday just to make sure, if it is important to me.

6/21/2019 9:05:02 PM

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