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Subject:  POTATOES

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Hopedale Ohio

Planted potatoes for the first time this spring. What is the time frame to harvest? Thanks

5/2/2019 8:36:34 AM


central Nc

There are early, mid, and late varieties. Gotta know what variety you planted. Could be from June to Sep/Oct. For most maincrops wait for the tops to start dying back. Fun and easy, but they take up too much space for me now so I quit growing them.

5/2/2019 9:02:06 AM


Hopedale Ohio

I used mostly red potatoes that I had, they began to sprout so I cut them in half and planted. My Great Grandfather did that many years ago and always had a good crop. Thanks for the response. Have a great growing season.

5/2/2019 9:24:44 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Like Wolfpack said, there are early and late season potato varieties. So maturity can be from 75-100 days. I just planted some Kennebec (I believe that is a mid season variety) yesterday and I expect the plant to start dying off sometime in mid to late July. When you see the potatoes start to blossom, wait a week or so and there will be nice little new potatoes to harvest. A great way to start your season. Wait to harvest until your plant is dead for maximum potato size. They can be left in the ground and used as needed and dug before the ground freezes in winter. However you risk having them eaten by voles the longer they are left in the ground.

5/2/2019 1:03:34 PM


Hopedale Ohio


5/2/2019 1:16:17 PM

26 West

Swamp Hoggers Paradise

Most of the farmers around here plant Kennebec they last well thru the winter. Even their culls do well for me.

5/3/2019 9:17:42 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Kennebec is definitely one of the best, They seem to resist a lot of problems. Even the leaf hoppers prefer the other varieties.

5/4/2019 9:00:14 AM


Salem, Ohio USA

SmithBros.- check out our website and join our club. ovgpg.com We are 1.25 hours north of you. Canfield, Ohio is south of Youngstown.

5/4/2019 11:36:03 AM


Hopedale Ohio

Thanks Algae, I've been keeping a eye on you Northerner Kins. I use to be in Salem every month. Will be in touch, hope to show you something big this fall. Good Luck

5/4/2019 1:26:47 PM

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