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Subject:  Need some AG seeds

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Central Utah

Hello, its been quite a few years since I have been on here... anyway, when I moved I lost all of my seeds and would really like to try this new location out for growing a Giant Pumpkin. Does anyone have any extra that i could try?
Thanks for any help and I look forward to getting back into this crazy addiction.

4/23/2019 9:58:45 PM


Syracuse, NY

i'd be happy to help you out---
Plant some Gerrys!
Somebody, please!

lol---anyway, have a look at my '19 diary linked below and
i myself am REALLy excited to grow my 188 that grew my pictured 540.8 fatty, and that is the seed i'm using for the experiments in the REST of my diary. LOOK! a very willing seed!

i'll be sprouting my own seeds for '19 this week, so i'll have them out all over the place, ya know? maybe a few will find their WEIGH to you. helpful in an email to hear what you are looking to grow;
i have seeds you could TRY for the world...
that 1585 X 1385?
i have a 352 from '06 (689.5 Sandercock X 1097.5 Beachy),
now poll'd by the 2145 McMullen in '17, for example---
if that 689.5's ORANGE comes out in '19 or the 2145's immensity?
anything is possible.



4/24/2019 2:18:34 AM



Hi pumpkin pal, you prepared to help me out with some seeds in the UK?! I’ll send you an email.

4/26/2019 1:29:45 PM


Syracuse, NY

i'll be around! eg

4/27/2019 9:22:38 AM


Syracuse, NY

Shawn C your seeds are ready for Monday and
malcolm i replied to your email---eg

4/27/2019 11:20:12 AM


Central Utah

Pumpkinpal, thanks so much. I'll send you a gift.

5/1/2019 12:49:43 AM


Syracuse, NY

lol---maybe see how my seeds do for you first?
bigger pumpkins, bigger prize money, bigger gift?
ha h ah ah err, i mean ha ha ha...had to get the order
right. three tries. and they gave me a license to drive.
ok, hoping the best 4 U! eg

5/1/2019 2:44:16 AM

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