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Subject:  PH Soil Fertilizer

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Hopedale Ohio

If you have great soil and ph and you could only choose one summer long treatment for fruit and vine, what would it be ?

3/22/2019 1:18:12 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Mohawk valley ny

To get how big?...

3/22/2019 10:07:44 PM


Hopedale Ohio

I have a goal of 500 plus this year. This will be my first time to try another fertilizer other than miracle grow which last year I used for misting and watering with spring water. I had a 318 and I lost one that was closer to 350-375 last year.

3/23/2019 8:51:46 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Mohawk valley ny

When you say great soil, do you mean you've tested it and the numbers are close?...

3/23/2019 10:18:56 AM


Buffalo, MN (Billsbigpumpkins@hotmail.com)

When I first started growing competitive AGs the instructions were to use miracle-gro fertilizer twice the recommend amount. However today if you plan on growing the biggest pumpkin you can with the same amount of work you will likely put in any way I would highly recommend you get a soil test done and adjust your soil accordingly. Too much of any fertilizer is not a good thing.

3/23/2019 10:19:58 AM


Hopedale Ohio

I'm sending in for a test, then I'll know better but just wondered what would help the best to pick up extra pounds. I can't believe how many products are out there. I realize moderation is needed when keeping an eye on growth for using certain fertilizers. Thanks

3/23/2019 10:31:39 AM




3/24/2019 8:18:52 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Mohawk valley ny

I’m not sure how to answer...Neptune’s harvest fish fert I guess...but that would be in my garden..(.grew a Pb last year without any fish fert though)...western labs tells you how much of each whatever to add to a 1000 square ft patch....if you add the proper amendments to get your “numbers” close, I would think you could surpass 500lbs easily with just proper plant training and making sure the soil doesn’t dry out too much...so long as you keep all the weeds away from the plant and u are using good genetics...keeping the vine tips from scorching,wind away from the plant , critter protection, pumpkin positioning... yadda yadda yadda...wanna go for gold?...gets your numbers in line and follow a similar feeding program as one of the pros...best of luck ...ITs SpriNG!!!!

3/24/2019 9:23:58 AM


Dillonvale, Ohio

Get ahold of me Rick, we can talk about it.
My choice would be Ureamate, if I couldn't get that, then fish/seaweed.

3/24/2019 4:41:31 PM


Hopedale Ohio

Thanks all, Jeff I'll be in touch

3/25/2019 9:10:39 AM

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