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Subject:  Chinese python snake bean

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I was wondering if anybody has experience growing these. Apparently they are an edible gourd (wr is about 10 ft. or 3m if you want to try for that).Got seeds from baker creek. Just looks like something different to grow and not much space for 1 or 2 plants.

1/10/2020 8:08:03 AM

Wolfpack83 (Rebel Rousers)

central Nc

i grew them last year. i don't know if i did something wrong, but the vines were super thin, wispy almost. i just let it run wild and 1 plant grew 4 fruits, about 4-5 feet long. grew it beside my giant cuke and used the same ferts. beautiful flowers. they say you can use it as a tomato substitute and i liked the taste, but it is so messy to harvest and so little 'meat' that is isn't worth trying to use for food in my opinion. only got a couple of viable seeds out of them.

1/10/2020 9:29:13 AM

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