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Subject:  Horse manure compost

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Can you use too much horse compost with pumpkins. Someone wants to give me a dump truck full for my garden. But I hesitate if it will be too much. Thoughts

8/30/2019 12:59:47 AM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

You can over apply just about anything. How big is your garden and the dump truck? Can you get a soil test and analysis of the manure? If it is too much to put on all at once, do you have a place to stockpile some for future use? If it is well composted it can be great stuff. But too much can cause problems.

8/30/2019 6:07:54 AM


Central Illinois

maybe this will help a little. A 5x8 trailer with no sides filled full where it doesn't fall out(much) will take about 4 to 5 loads for 1000sqft of approx 3" deep. I just did this to my own garden. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1153987168136322&set=pcb.1153987248136314&type=3&theater

8/30/2019 7:48:04 AM



Im guessing thats12 to 16 yards, Depending on the truck etc.How much you put on depends on soil type,plot size,organic matter.Id get it in a heart beat .Have him unload it in a corner thats not on the planting end. So you wont have eo put it all in if you think thats too much.Id recommend tilling what youve spread asap and growing winter rye cover crop where you tilled it in.You can compost what you dont spread.

8/30/2019 3:04:50 PM



Thats a great idea. He said he will add topsoil if I want. This garden is 100ft by 20ft. I had it analysized and its just hard hard clay. so im hoping to break it up.

8/30/2019 3:29:00 PM

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