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Subject:  Dave the giant guy-chrysanthemum

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Are those regular mums or special seeds. Could you grow it in soil in house and then put it outside. Any secrets like picking the blooms or do they just keep growing if not killed off by frost? Even a 5 or 6 ft. would be pretty impressive.

8/24/2019 3:09:40 PM


North Pole,Alaska

It's an Emperor of China ( Chrysanthemum rubellum). I started last spring and moved it into my garage before it got exposed to short days and cool temps which trigger flowering. I'm moving into a friend's place with HIGH ceilings this winter for a shot at the record next season. You'll need to harden them off over a few days in the spring if you grow them through the winter. That's what got me this spring. It's hard to move a 10' tall plant with Aero in and out of a garage! Good Luck!!!

8/24/2019 4:53:07 PM

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