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Subject:  Heavy Cukes

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Was wondering about size of plant , how many on one plant ,main vine or side vine , growing time after pollination etc.

6/10/2018 6:57:45 AM

Dutch Brad


My plants never get taller than about 5 feet. My best results have been from cucumbers about 3 feet up. Prune heavy, as you only need a small plant. Only one cucumber per plant. I have started a second one a few times, but they never get close to the first one. It takes ages for them to turn ripe completely. I've never really paid attention, but I'd say they will happily grow/ripen for 40 days. They love water including misting on the leaves, but watch out for mildew. You want to support the vine around where it is attached to the stem of the cucumber. The weight of the cucumber will tear it off. The cucumber will only fall off its own stem if it is overripe.

6/11/2018 2:17:05 AM


Thanks. I was going to grow them on the ground like regular cukes.

Tonight will be the 9th night so far in June with temps under 5.2c(41F) down to -1C(30f) with 2 days of flurries. Several frost days also. Hope to have them planted this week.

6/11/2018 5:11:41 PM

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