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Subject:  Straw Bale Gardening

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Jay Yohe

Pittsburgh, PA

Anybody ever try it? Pros or cons? Thinking of trying a giant tomato in a bale.

2/6/2018 2:24:28 PM

Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

Last year my neighbor did it last year with good results. Many tomato plants, zuccini and other edibles. No real cons, although I doubt you could grow a competitive tomato that way.

2/6/2018 3:00:10 PM

n d fan


I ve done it before, not impressed. I tried tomatoes. I have had success with potatoes grown in straw but not in bales, just covered with straw.

2/6/2018 6:53:16 PM

26 West

Swamp Hoggers Paradise

If I were to grow, it would be in a loose packed bale of clover hay. Something with a little sweetness to it. Then water with fert. from hydroponic stores. Just my opinion.

2/6/2018 7:05:54 PM

Weird Wint (Tomatoes)

Newcastle, CA

I've heard you have to throw bone meal on it to get the straw to start to decompose before planting a vegetable in it.

2/6/2018 7:09:25 PM

megakin(Team Illiana)

west central IN/East central IL

A guy at work did it and yes, you have to put something on it, I believe with nitrogen. He said it worked, but bails broke down on him and fell apart.

2/6/2018 8:37:00 PM

Dig n Doug

Webster Groves, MO

Check out the book 'Straw Bale Gardens' by Joel Karsten.
It can be purchased on-line at a low cost. Very good info.
I agree with Andy, probably best used for edibles versus competition.

2/6/2018 10:12:44 PM


Buffalo, MN (Billsbigpumpkins@hotmail.com)

I grew gourds using this method once and it worked well. You will need to read the plant and will likely need to water it often. I have a friend that does it and he told me that his regular tomatoes did great. I went to a seminar by Joel Karsten but you can find a lot of info online. I went online viewed several and picked what I thought was the best. Good Luck let us know how it works.

2/7/2018 10:13:22 AM

n d fan


Biggest problem i had was mold from alot of rain, then drought. Bale was dry on top wet in middle.

3/28/2018 10:11:09 AM

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