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Subject:  Calling all Carrot Growers!

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Morgantown, WV

So I got a few good ones going now, and as they do, they're swelling up out of the soil a bit at what I guess you would call the stump. Is it better to keep this stump part covered throughout the season, or should I allow it to naturally expose itself as it grows? I would initially think to re-cover to keep from sun splitting, but could see moisture issues as well...

Also, are large pots or raised beds preferred for final planting spot?

5/8/2017 10:01:34 AM


Morgantown, WV

Must not be many carrot growers here...

At any rate, I covered the stumps as they started forming side roots.

5/22/2017 4:54:23 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Hi Dustin, Sorry I don't have any answer for you. This board must not be visited by many people as questions rarely seem to get answered here. I can see why a lot of guys are asking all there questions elsewhere. (i.e. general discussion)

5/23/2017 8:15:18 AM


Morgantown, WV

Lol, I stay far away from the general discussion board. Thanks for something though BM, good luck this year!

5/23/2017 4:26:37 PM

Q Tip


Hi Dustin - I grew a carrot last year - I didn't add additional soil to prevent sun damage - there shouldn't be any sun damage because your carrots canopy should cover it up pretty good. I was warned about slugs so i sprinkled slug repellent all around my carrot. I grew mine in a raised bed last year and grew an 11.7lber - I sprayed them with left over pumpkin goodies for ferts and fungicide/pesticides - I am by no means an expert but thats what i did :) good luck

5/23/2017 5:10:37 PM


Hamilton Nj

my carrott is small but growing lol

6/28/2017 7:46:39 PM

The Savage Patch Kids

Woodward, Oklahoma

I am looking for some seeds any help?

12/31/2017 12:29:19 AM

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