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Subject:  giant carrot seed requests-

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Somewhere, Mn

I have just received the final request for carrot seeds..after i send seeds for this one, i have just enough seeds left for me to grow next year. 2000 seeds distributed though out the usa this year.

I have sent email messages to the UK to inquire about next year. Please give me a few months to see if I can get more across the ocean for next year. We really need to figure out how to vernalize the seeds to be able to get our own supply.

9/26/2016 6:24:00 PM

Pumpkin Farm

Going Green

The foremost grower wrote me thisbut I prefer to deal through the www.giantveg web site for orders from abroad, they have my large Onion seed and their large Carrot seed is ok. Peter.

10/29/2016 11:58:19 AM


Somewhere, Mn

Hi Phil, I still have a few seeds in reserve that have your name on them if things fall thru with my getting seeds from the UK. I have just gotten level 2 access from the USDA for applying for PQ 587 for importation of small lots of seeds. Kevin Fortey from giantveg.com has agreed to facilitate things in the UK to get the seeds here. Last year I used multiple suppliers and he says he has contact with those suppliers also.

10/30/2016 7:11:22 AM

Dutch Brad


You can get giant carrot seeds from pretty much any seed store in the US. We all use standard store bought seed here in Europe. As long as it is a winter carrot (Flakkee, Berlicum, etc) you will be fine. It is the long season and technique that gets them that big.

10/31/2016 3:30:06 AM


Somewhere, Mn

New Red Intermediate was the choice of seed last year for most of the US growers. Current world record heavy was grown from that variety. The only source that I have found for that is from the UK.

10/31/2016 5:18:04 AM

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