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Subject:  Potassium Nitrate?

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United States

Someone had mentioned potassium nitrate as being a good source of potassium to add to soil. Does anyone know if this is accurate, and if so, how much/100sqft? Also, is there any reason products marketed as stump remover would be a bad source of the potassium nitrate, or are they fine?


10/25/2022 1:03:00 PM

Little Kins

Grittyville, WA

Stump remover, sounds like something you shouldnt use around your stump. Couldn't resist, sorry! If you are low on nitrogen and potassium it should work. But those are potent elements where an excess can work against you, so unless you are dosing based on a test I'd go with something more balanced. I have some on my shelf but have never used it because kelp or calcium nitrate is usually more specific to what I am trying to do.

10/25/2022 4:34:43 PM


United States

I'm trying to add potassium, the nitrate is incidental. However, I only have about 2 weeks left in my growing season so I want something that that will absorb as fast a possible.

10/25/2022 7:58:12 PM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia


10/25/2022 9:41:24 PM


United States

If I used the potassium nitrate, would you recommend dissolving it in water first, or just sprinkling it around the plant?

10/26/2022 1:27:27 PM

Little Kins

Grittyville, WA

I'd dissolve it in water and put it as close as possible but not directly on the stump. Cover you plant with plastic if you want it to survive past the next cold snap. Because while it may survive into next week, as the prophets of doom say: "The end is near!"

11/5/2022 5:06:00 PM

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