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Subject:  New Secret Stuff

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KC Kevin

Mission Viejo, CA

It seems that most growers keep their success close to the vest, which I get. It's a competitive, dog-eat-dog Hobby LOL.

Here in So-Cal, we are pretty tight-knit group and genuinely want to help each other get better. It is with that spirit in mind that I am sharing what I found this year.

I was looking for a Boron product on Amazon and tripped over this (new to me) product line.

The company is Certified Prevegenics. They have a full line of foliar and soil drench products that fit extremely well with how we grow. This year I bought pretty much the full line up of individual micronutrients necessary for making the adjustments based on tissue and soil test results.

The cool thing is, the quantity of these products is great for folks like us that don't need 2.5-gallon jugs that we can never use up, expensive, and take up space. A couple hundred bucks will get you nearly the whole product line.

I personally used this line mid-season on and had my best season ever. My PB went up 23%.

This company is very cool. Super responsive.
Check out their liquid and dry fertilizers here:


10/5/2022 1:57:48 PM

Andy W

Western NY

I'm usually suspicious of the "next big top secret sauce" but if you look at the label, that's the good stuff.

Similar formulation as the fertilizers I've been using (metalosates) for years now.

Good find.

10/5/2022 2:18:54 PM



Your first statement is completely inaccurate and shows a complete ignorance of this growing community. You are either new to this hobby or very uninformed. It is the exact opposite and an insult to all those who have given so much to help us all grow.

10/9/2022 4:29:43 PM


Syracuse, NY

First - Yikes! and Second - in re-reading it 5X and knowing that a 'LOL' in otherwise demeaning text doesn't carry the counterbalancing weight that it should, I really think KC was joking to begin with - else, why would anyone say 'Hey, folks, look what I've found for you!';
You know, like I do on a regular basis...eg

10/9/2022 5:34:31 PM



My Bad didn't see the LOL. I saw red before I got to it.

10/9/2022 9:54:57 PM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

Thanks Kevin, I’m going to check it out and appreciate the info. We had another good year (2 pumpkins over 1K) but something is missing and maybe this will help. Thanks again, great year and fun following your success this year.

10/9/2022 10:42:41 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Thanks for sharing. It is so important that essential nutrients are mobile in the plant, it seems like the company you mentioned knows that and gives the best formulations to achieve that. I have seen trials done that demonstrate how amazing some of these nutrients can be to help the plant resist certain diseases. But if the nutrient isn't where it needs to be in the plant it will do very little to help.

10/10/2022 6:04:43 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Kevin you are one of the good guys, an old school grower that really looks to share what you have learned. Those types of growers are what has made this hobby really grow beyond anyones wildest expectations.
(Here is a warning and I do think this is creeping in so we have to be careful). If growers start to become competitive above all else and look to suppress others by withholding their knowledge/seeds the sport will cease to grow. We have to remember that yes we are in competition but also we are all working together to push these weights further. I have been burned before and it is not a good feeling but I can say that in my neck of the woods most growers I have met are the very best type of person and will help out other growers.

10/10/2022 6:18:42 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

In spirit of this discussion, my tip I learned this year is to consider working a phosphite fertilizer into your disease management program. YVD is a huge problem in my area and this year my plants got it yet I was still able to grow a few pumpkins. Nothing to brag about, but still pumpkins nonetheless. Some grower with a more scientific approach to growing might be able to pursue this idea further.

10/10/2022 6:25:33 AM


Pumpkin Zone

Thumbs up for sharing KC Kevin. Knowing what works and what doesn't can get frustratingly complex. Thats why its great to hear a grower say "this is what I did and this is the improvement I saw."

I will say that my daughters tissue test may have helped her go nicely heavy to chart??? Gotta beat around the bush a little bit because of a guess the weight contest, but suffice it to say it to say that the tissue test may have helped out with what to me looked like it should have been a helium balloon. Maybe it isnt all genetics, looks to me like the nutrients and going heavy to chart may be connected. The lightest one I ever grew was on a plant that, in hindsight, I think I can say was on one of the most chronically nutrient deficient plants I ever grew.

10/10/2022 8:55:58 AM


Torrance, Ca.

Thanks Kevin, great info!

Woody is a good dude and I think misunderstood your wording. He’s a lot like Daletas of the east coast.

I didn’t read any of the other messages.

10/12/2022 10:39:23 PM


Torrance, Ca.

And yes, Kevin is one of the good guys for our area like woody back east. Woody is a sharer and helper.

Thanks for all you do my friend!:):)

10/12/2022 10:41:27 PM


Penryn CA

Thanks for sharing Kevin. I'll check it out.

5/13/2023 10:43:09 PM

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