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Subject:  Adjusting Water for pH

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KC Kevin

Mission Viejo, CA

This is the first season I've really been able to adjust pH. Tried an EZ flow last year and that was useless. I installed a 275 gallon tote this year with a Wayne Sprinkler Pump and its really been easy. My tap water ranges from 7.6 to 8.

So what products do you use for adjusting pH down, and why? I started with citric acid and have also used Ph Down which I believe is just phosphoric acid? My phosphorus level is low so it seems logical to use the PH down product.

Also, I recall reading in another thread that Ruben suggested bringing the pH level up some as the season progresses. I started in the 6 to 6.2 range and have since moved to a number near 6.5. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

7/21/2022 1:55:24 PM


Torrance, Ca.

Would also love to hear some educated guesses on what others are doing and having good results. I also started low this year at 6.0 to 6.5 after a little birdie told me to try this.

7/22/2022 6:40:57 PM

don young

using 93 percent sulpheric acid here my city water is 9.5 ph 275 gallon tote takes a shot glass just like whiskey to make it 5.5- ph beware warning use rubber gloves up to arm pit when acid hits water it smokes. battery acid is 30 percent

7/22/2022 8:31:03 PM


Torrance, Ca.

lol Don! I like it though!

7/22/2022 10:34:05 PM

KC Kevin

Mission Viejo, CA

Strong stuff Don!

Anyone else?

7/25/2022 2:43:16 PM


Fitchburg , MA

My well water pH is near 8.0. I have been spoon feeding/foliar feeding a 15-30-14 fert with it when i water. At 400 ppm my pH is 6.5.

So far so good.

8/3/2022 10:40:25 AM

Gerald UK

Watlington, UK

Citric acid won't work it just gets absorbed by the plant and microbes. Phosphoric is risky because with hard water it tends to get precipitated out and locked up. Your best bet is nitric and sulphuric. I use nitric early on when the plant needs nitrogen, and sulphuric later when it doesn't. Like Don I also use concentrated H2SO4, dangerous but that makes it fun

8/18/2022 6:07:36 PM

KC Kevin

Mission Viejo, CA

thank you Gerald

8/18/2022 6:11:53 PM


Torrance, Ca.

Great answer Gerald!

Another good bit of info to write down!

8/19/2022 9:52:04 AM

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