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Subject:  Drip Line vs T-Tape

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Tasmania Australia

Hi, I am interested to here any advice comparing these two drip systems.
I have seen a lot of growers using T-Tape, but i have also found a product from Netafim which they call
Netafim Techline Pressure Compensating Dripline.
Basically it is the brown round drip line that has Pressure Compensating to keep the outputs relative even.

It seams to be very comparable to the T-Tape.
I was looking to maybe go with the Netafim as i can easily roll it up and store it away season after season.
i have found with the T-Tape, once you try to fold it up to store away after the season it gets tiny cracks in it the following season when you roll it back out making it useless.
Unless there is a way of rolling the T-Tape up and reusing season after season, otherwise i find you have to get new stuff every season.
Any advice is appreciated.

4/1/2022 11:23:43 PM



We bought the round drip line 4 years ago placed every foot. They work well it does not hurt to walk on them.

5/9/2022 7:27:31 AM


Torrance, Ca.

Most use driptape, I prefer Netafim. Its a personal thing and money thing for most. Netafim can get pricy. I have a smaller area so it works great for my patch.:)

5/9/2022 5:07:55 PM

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