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Subject:  Preventing Calcium and Phosphorus lock up?

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Lodi, California

So my understanding is that calcium and phosphorus don't play well together, and form calcium phosphate, which isn't as soluble. That's why people do A, B fertilization programs. I'm going to be doing a 550 gallon tank mix this year, and my plan is to use a little bit of fertilizer every day, so npk in the desired ratios, and micro nutrients. However, my current plan is to fertilize with phosphorus separately, maybe once a week with monoammonium phosphate and tko in the water, as well as micronutrients. Then eprhaps no water the next day, or just plain water with micros, so I don't tie up calcium with the phosphorus in the soil. Then after that proceed fertilizing normally with calcium nitrate the rest of the week, rinse and repeat.

Any thoughts on this? I know some phosphorus fertilizers say you have to wait up to 20 days before using calcium products, but that just won't work with spoon feeding. Worst case I think is I waste a bit of fertilizer.

Would like to hear what you guys think about calcium/phosphorus incompatibility.

3/3/2022 3:58:32 PM

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