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Subject:  Magnesium Deficiency application rate?

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Tasmania Australia

Hi, I believe that i have a big Magnesium Deficiency on my plant,
Just at about the stage when the fruit is just starting to open up ready for pollination.

The question i am interested in asking is, what would you suggest to mix up Epson salts at?
How may tablespoons per gallon of water or similar?
Or would you suggest using something else for the Magnesium Deficiency?
Dose the rate of 1-2lb in 100 gallons of water sound about correct?

12/11/2021 10:05:23 PM


Syracuse, NY


I Googled

epsom salts dosage for magnesium deficiency in a giant pumpkin plant

per my own looking into it, lol, now, even I know all about it - you can also Site Search Magnesium Deficiency on this site for fun, this time starting for the top down for informative pictures first - eg

12/12/2021 1:23:04 AM



1 Tablespoon/gallon is good for Epsom Salts and that is what I would do. I would add some even at half that every watergoing forward.

12/12/2021 8:44:20 AM


Tasmania Australia

Appreciate the reply HankH,
I know these plants tend to like above the average in general in regards to fertilizer
I will give that a go for a starting point,

12/12/2021 4:17:36 PM

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