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Subject:  urea mate turned green

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Western PA

I have a bag of urea mate with around 7 pounds of the product in it. I looked in the bag, as I wanted to use some to water into some flowers today. To my surprise, what was left in the bag was a nasty greenish yellow color. It is from 2017, and I always kept the bag tied up with as much air out of the bag as possible. It does look damp like it absorbed moisture from the air some how. It should look white in color. I was smart enough when I got it to vacuum seal some in bags. I do have a few of those bags to use so I am good to go.

Has anyone had this experience with your urea mate ?
Should I toss it in the trash ?

5/2/2021 5:00:20 PM

don young


5/2/2021 6:32:25 PM

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